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The Importance of Maximizing Energy Efficiency in Commercial Buildings

In the US alone, commercial buildings account for about 40% of the country’s total energy consumption. For this reason, the commercial industry is one of the major targets of environmentally-friendly efforts. When it comes to most buildings that have been newly constructed, they tend to be more energy-efficient. Unfortunately, you can’t say the same thing for older commercial buildings. That is why these older buildings are the ones that require focusing on in terms of reduction of energy consumption. According to the Energy Information Agency of the country, 72% of commercial buildings go beyond the 20-year mark in years.

There are many ways that you can explore to maximize energy efficiency in commercial buildings. If you are a business owner, you have to be aware of these things. The same goes for people who are managing commercial businesses and operations. There are commercial lighting upgradesservice companies that can tap on if you want to know what efforts you can start to reduce your overall energy consumption as a business.

Even if you don’t get the services of energy as a service companiesfor your energy efficiency needs, there are things that you can do by yourself in your little ways. For instance, you need to start thinking about going green when it comes to your commercial building. Although going green can cost you a lot upfront, in the long run, these energy-efficient retrofits can offer you a more promising return on investment. According to Energy-Efficient Economy estimates, you get an average of 20% ROI when you make energy-efficient upgrades on your commercial building and operations.

By improving the energy efficiency of your business or commercial building, you get to enjoy an array of other benefits now and in the long run. Some of these major benefits include reduced greenhouse gas emissions, greater aesthetic appeal, and enhanced tenant and customer support. Installing energy-efficient upgrades to your commercial building can also benefit you in terms of your taxes. Know more about energy at

When commercial building owners make energy-efficient efforts and improvements to their building, they get to receive tax incentives as much as $179. Some of the most common energy-efficient retrofits that you can do to your commercial building as per the advice from energy efficiency service companies include the use of solar skylights, LED lights, window films, and wireless building automation controls. As a commercial building owner, you get to reap significant savings even for just one major energy change.

As mentioned above, commercial buildings are one of the leading energy consumers around the world. For this reason, building owners also have the most potential to significantly maximize energy efficiency and improve the environment of the building by retrofitting the building with more efficient appliances and systems. For more energy-saving tips, make sure to approach a professional energy management service near you.

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